Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How calculations are performed

NICU Nutrition Calculator Version 2.0

How are calculations performed:

Feeds only: fairly straight-forward. Different nutritional values are looked-up in the database and intake/kg calculated.

TPN Only: In version 2.0 Lipid volume is not included in the TPN volume and all intralipids are assumed to have been infused. Thus Total volume = TPN volume + Intralipid volume.

For example, D10TPN with 3gms/kg/d of AA at 65 cc/kg/d and Lipids 3gms/kg/d = 15cc/kg/d gives total fluids of 80cc/kg/d.

Dextrose calories/kg  = (gms of dextrose (taking into account TPN  fraction) * 3.4)/weight
Proteins calories/kg = (gms/kg of Amino acids ordered * TPN fraction) * 4
Lipid calories/kg = gms/kg of Lipids ordered * 10
GIR = ((dextrose concentration in %) * (actual TPN rate in ml/hr) * 0.167) divided by weight

Both TPN & Feeds: Depending on the selection made in the preferences panel, calculations are performed differently.

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